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Free online database for the cinema industry

 First online market-place for financing movies :

Film Tax Incentives : First One-Stop-Shop for Film Worldwide Tax Incentives (USA, Australia, South Africa, UK, Italie, French Tax Rebate for International Production, Belgian Tax Shelter…)

-Cinémantiel : Directors currently supported are from Lebanon, Italy, Australia, Morocco, USA.

Internet database for the cinema industry professionals (More than 6 000 feature film professionals on pretatourner platform)
-Actor’s and director’s profiles,
-First Screenplay Library
-Pet’s profiles,
-Location databases

Pretatourner is a free actor’s database for the exclusive use of cinema professionals. The actors’ profiles are accessed online by registered companies only.

Is your life-long ambition to act and appear on the big screen?

Then make sure the odds are on your side.

Pretatourner is free, selective and confidential : our service allows you to benefit from a secure and invaluable networking system.

 Pretatourner offers an online service for location sourcing. The registration of your property within our digital catalogue is free of charge and the right to access the catalogue is exclusively reserved to production companies.

Your property is unique, be it a flat, a villa, a castle, farmland or land by the sea. It might therefore be considered as an asset for the production of a film if it corresponds to the atmosphere and period its producers wish to evoke. Furthermore, the hiring out of a property for a shoot can be extremely profitable for its owners and can contribute to the property’s up-keep. 

We do not touch any commission on these transactions. If interested in your property, the producers and directors send you a message directly to your pretatourner account and it is up to you whether or not you want to follow up on the proposal/offer.

Pretatourner  is a free and secure online casting service for pets and animals. Only registered cinema professionals and producers can access their profiles.

Pretatourner is a free referral service for any professionals that might interact with the audiovisual industry sector; lawyers specialised in Media Law and/or Intellectual Property Law, sound and image technicians, photographers, story-boarders etc.

Registration on our database is free of charge.

Pretatourner  is a  free and secure online screenplay library too!

About :


I have created preatourner platfom in 2006.

I’m feature film producer and screenplay writer. I’m an actress too.


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